token: 01101011 01101011
days left: 7 (1 week)
weeks left: 1
Blocked for: 0 min
Wrong token: 0
one finger
two fingers

12 V

Short press

12V ports on (led in button on); if power drops and remains low for 30min, 12v port off (led in button off)

Long press (>3sec)

12v port on, stays on. led blink: 2sec on, 0,2 sec off

Show N / Admin mode

Long press 0 and 1 together

Show how many tokens are already entered in binairy in the token entry section and the number of weeks activated with last code (in this demo always 4) in the credit led section for 45 seconds or until pressing 0, 1 or ok.

Pre-Paid Balance

>= 21 days

All leds on, green

>= 14 days

First three leds on, green

>= 7 days

First two leds on, green

>= 2 days

First led on, green

>= 1 days

First led blinking, red

0 days

First led on, red

code entry

Long press OK (>3sec)

Start code entry mode; cursor blinks, jumps to next when pushing 0 or 1. Long press again to cancel input mode. After 5 min no entry, cancel input mode

8 Digits entered

Led ok button blinks, click to submit code, first cursor blicks again, jumps to next when pushing 0 or 1.

Next 8 digits entered

Led ok button blinks, click to submit code.

Enter correct code

Blink green fast 10 times (100ms), then increase prepaid balance (balence led's on according to days added) and led on (green) for 1,5 seconds

Enter false code

Blink red slow 3 times (500ms). Count how many wrong codes, if twice wrong code, block station. Block time increases after every wrong entry